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Musang King Durian Plantation
Profits Exposed! 
Exclusive insight into the 15 Billion Dollar Per Year Durian industry and learn how Malaysia's Musang King Durian is reaching prices of over US$120 Per/Kg. in China and how you can profit from it!
Key Report Insights ...
  • 2021 Global Durian Market Demand
  • China's Rising Durian Consumption
  • Current Musang King Durian Supply
  • Global Durian Import and Export Figures
Durian Plantation
Profits Exposed!
Exclusive insight into the 15 Billion Dollar Per Year Durian industry. Learn how Malaysia's Musang King is reaching prices of over US$120 Per/Kg. and how you can to profit from it!
Durian Market Report

Key Report Insights ...

  •  2021 Global Durian Market Demand
  •  China's Rising Durian Consumption
  •  Current Musang King Durian Supply Levels
  •  Global Durian Import / Export Figures

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Q: What is the Musang King Durian?

Malaysia’s Musang King Durian is Asia’s most sought after and expensive Durian variety. Due to its creamy texture and delicious bitter-sweet flavor, demand for the Musang King is so immense that it has resulted in a huge requirements for new Musang King Durian plantation producers in Malaysia.  Due to low supply and rapidly rising demand from China, Musang King prices are skyrocketing, resulting in prices reaching over 20 USD/KG in Singapore to a staggering 120 USD/KG in China!

Q: What is the global demand for Durian and Durian products?

The demand for raw Durian  (fresh, frozen, paste and pulp) has a global retail value of over 14 USD Billion Annually, with its value expected to conservatively grow to more than 25 USD Billion by 2030. The market is now driven by China’s rapidly increasing demand, with large F&B brands such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Nestle and Starbucks all introducing Durian infused products to capture client demand.  

Durian products typically fall into 4 key market segments: Raw Durian Fruit, Desserts, Snacks and Beverages. 

* Raw Durian Fruit is comprised of fresh, frozen and dry durian.
* Dessert products include ice cream, cake, jams and other pastries.
* Snacks include chips, crackers and confections such as candies.
* Beverages include coffee, tea, milk and sodas.

The key buyers of Durian include:

* Global, regional, and local F&B companies that produce their own durian based products from raw durian.
* Durian product manufacturers that sell white label products, and sell to F&B companies.
* Specialized fruit stores and stalls.
* Supermarkets & Restaurants.
* Specialized traders and importers.

 Q: What is the global supply of Musang King Durian?

The demand for the Musang King Durian is continuously rising while the market is facing a growing and chronic supply shortage. As China’s consumption increases so will the need for further Musang King supplies. Existing Musang King supply is so low it can only meet 3% of global demand. Additional supply of Musang King is immediately needed in order to meet rising global demand with Durian Harvests ideally positioned to do so. Currently their are only about 500,000 Musang King Durian trees in all of Malaysia.

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