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Organic Musang King Durian Investment Opportunity!
Invest in Asia’s First and Only Organic Musang King Durian plantation!
Key Features ...
  • Turn US$19,435 into US$96,435
  • 19.97%++ Annual Returns
  • 100% Guaranteed "HighValue Annual Harvest".
  • Free Inspection Visit Included!

Why Invest in Organic Musang King Durian?

Malaysia’s Musang King Durian is Asia’s most sought-after and expensive Durian variety. Due to its creamy texture and delicious bitter-sweet flavor, demand for the Musang King is so immense that it has resulted in a huge requirement for new Musang King Durian plantation producers in Malaysia. Due to low supply and rapidly rising demand from China, Musang King prices are skyrocketing, resulting in prices reaching over 20 USD/KG in Singapore to a staggering 120 USD/KG in China!!!

Who is Plantations International?

With offices, plantations, and representatives across Asia, Europe and Africa. Plantations International is a multinational plantation and farm management conglomerate whose specialty is in providing sustainable agricultural and forestry “agroforestry” management services for its clients. Plantations International has clients ranging from private individuals to large landholders and institutional investors, we put teamwork, innovation, and our passion for creating “Ethical & Sustainable Capital” at the heart of everything we do.

Currently, their are only about 500,000 Musang King Durian trees in all of Malaysia. Making Musang King Durian Investments a great opportunity. 

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Organic Musang King Durian Investment Opportunity!
100% Fully Managed Musang King Durian Tree Plantations in Malaysia. The Musang King is the most popular and expensive Durian, with prices reaching over US$120 Per/Kg!

Key Features ...

  •  Turn US$16,400 into US$65,126
  •  19.86%++ Annual Returns
  •  100% "High Value Annual Harvest"
  •  Free Inspection Visit Included!

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